The Story

Dragons have long been fantasized as mythical creatures from folk tales around the world, originating in Asia to North America and everywhere in between. Powerful stories that have been integrated into society so vastly that you would think they may have existed at one point in time.

Fast forward to today, long gone is the existence of humanity as it was known.

Today, only a few million humans remain. These humans were saved by the myth that  became reality, Dragos. Bred in a small privately funded lab at the peak of the Sho-Shu mountains, the Dragos main purpose was to save the pure of heart from the inevitable worldwide nuclear warfare that was becoming a bigger threat as political tensions spread throughout the world.

At birth, all Dragos looked eerily similar but as time went on, their environments shaped, molded, and eventually controlled them. It is said that they have evolved into the 4 elements Ancient mythology predicted: fire, ice, shadow and the undead.

To this day, nobody knows who created the Dragos or who funded the lab. But it is thought that around 6,000 Dragos are in long-term hibernation today.

And although it has been impossible to interact with one over the last few hundred years, it is now rumored that in the coming weeks, the Dragos themselves have decided to protect a small group of worthy humans until the end of time, as they believe new events are going to impact the universe in a way that has never been seen previously.

Sometime during the month of January, the story will unfold and the Dragos will begin to appear.



Dragos is a decentralized and on-chain NFT project that consists of 6,000 unique & hand-drawn pieces of art. Each Drago will be minted out of hibernation by a lucky collection of individuals. The innovative technology created behind the scenes and in front of your eyes will be something extremely rare at the time of release.


You will be able to raise your Drago(s) as your very own. Unique options to publicly name your Drago, celebrate its blockchain coded birthday, and play games against other factions are just some of the things that are apart of this project.

Our development team is not a team that was thrown together randomly to start a project. It was created over countless years of friendship and bonds that will last far beyond a single lifetime. They have worked on numerous well-known projects, including Neo Tokyo. They are single handedly the best team to create a decentralized NFT project.


Our goal is two-fold. Community and evolution. We envision building a strong overall community with strong sub-communities (different factions). Dragos are apart of the overall community but below to their own faction. This will allow for healthy and powerful competition with what we have planned in the future. Leaders will rise in each faction to represent and help guide the direction of Dragos. We will reveal more about this but for now, please join our Discord!



All of the generation is done on-chain which doesn’t happen for 99% of projects. The actual metadata and stats themselves are recorded in the contract. This allows you to interact with the stats of the different NFTs all on chain.

Most projects do everything off chain. They have a bunch of different software to help off chain and hope that people don’t realize that they are not decentralized. 

We are actually following the vision of crypto/NFTs by decentralizing everything in the contract. Instead of handing out a “receipt” for your NFT, but everything is still the old web2 system we’ve been using since the 90s.

Yes, the pre-sale will be launched 24 hours before the public mint.

Private mint is January 10th and public mint is January 11th.

After mint, you can head over to OpenSea, connect your wallet and you will be able to see it there. As part of the Byt launchpad, you will also be able to see it on the marketplace


You can wear your Drago proudly as a PFP! We also have lots of utility based on your NFT and faction. Specific discord channels and birthdays are just the beginning. 


The value will be 0.1 Eth for all Whitelist members and 0.15 Eth for public members.

You own it. It’s yours. Fully copyright (not editable). If you don’t sell it then you can take it with you into all future projects.

There will be a total of 6,000 unique Dragos. 5,986 Normal Dragos along with 14 Legendary Dragos.


We kept the count lower than the typical amounts seen in other projects because we would like to have a more tight knit community.

Royalties are to help continue our innovation updates. We are excited to bring Drago holders many “firsts” and really staple our mark in the marketplace. That’s enough “buzzwords” for now though, stay tuned for updates.


All Dragos are hand-drawn by our amazing team of artists.

The Legendaries the rarest Dragos NFTs. Holding one of them (by lucky mint or through the secondary market) opens the doors to special rewards and future access levels. They will also be considered VIP members of the community with their own dedicated chat. We will be releasing other legendary-specific utility in the coming months.


Because really…how many apes are there out already? Dragos and their holders are unique and stand out, they don’t copy what everyone is doing. Be yourself and be celebrated for it


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