Benefits Of Being A Drago

We’ve built successful businesses and our developers have worked on other successful projects. Our goal is to focus on innovation and to constantly provide value for the community which will make this project a success.

Earn With Your NFT

This is not just another NFT project that only focuses on the art. Yes, we tried to design unique art but our focus is to build a simple Play2Earn game that fits into anybody’s busy lifestyle where you can earn $DRAGO daily. 

Fight through dungeons in an interactive but non-time consuming way so you can earn $DRAGO daily which can be used to upgrade your Drago to earn more, buy more NFTs or even cash it out.

Name Your Drago While Minting

This feature has never been done before. Name your NFT that actually shows up on the blockchain so you can put your permanent stamp on the blockchain. This is ONLY for minters, so hurry because once sold out, this is no longer possible!

Permanent Birthdays on the Blockchain

Another feature we are bringing to the NFT world are blockchain-coded birthdays. This means that your Drago will have a permanent birthday that you can celebrate every year. This first year every Drago will get a free Baby Drago drop. Next year it will be something different!

The Dragos Ecosystem

We want to expand the Dragos ecosystem as big as we can possibly make it. This will include integrating with other projects, buying land in different project/games to benefit members and getting whitelists for members to other projects. If you’re apart of the Drago familia, you will be taken care of.


Upon sellout, we plan to send $50,000 to Operation Underground Railroad. This organization helps prevent the trafficking of children and it’s something we want to help stop because it’s heartbreaking. This donation will be on behalf of all Dragos members and the community.



Consulted for a national real estate brand, Hollywood movie and other smaller to large brands.


Has generated over $60,000,000 in eCommerce & systems of scale expert.

Earth Top

Automating systems expert and DTC wizard.


World leading block chain developer & developer on many successful projects such as Neo Tokyo. Partner in


Previous developer for Amazon now senior developer and creator of Additionally he is a partner in


BizDev specialist and front-end Dev. Partner in


The art wizard. Has also consulted on other successful projects.

The art wizard. Has also consulted on other successful projects.



Has advised and worked with multiple p2e games before with 10+ years of doing p2e through contracts before NFTs.

Advisor/North American manager for & Official Pegaxy Guild.

Youtuber & Owner of


All of the generation is done on-chain which doesn’t happen for 99% of projects. The actual metadata and stats themselves are recorded in the contract. This allows you to interact with the stats of the different NFTs all on chain.

Most projects do everything off chain. They have a bunch of different software to help off chain and hope that people don’t realize that they are not decentralized. 

We are actually following the vision of crypto/NFTs by decentralizing everything in the contract. Instead of handing out a “receipt” for your NFT, but everything is still the old web2 system we’ve been using since the 90s.

Yes, the pre-sale will be launched 24 hours before the public mint.

Private mint is January 10th and public mint is January 11th.

After mint, you can head over to OpenSea, connect your wallet and you will be able to see it there. As part of the Byt launchpad, you will also be able to see it on the marketplace


You can wear your Drago proudly as a PFP! We also have lots of utility based on your NFT and faction. Specific discord channels and birthdays are just the beginning. 


The value will be 0.1 Eth for all Whitelist members and 0.15 Eth for public members.

You own it. It’s yours. Fully copyright (not editable). If you don’t sell it then you can take it with you into all future projects.

There will be a total of 6,000 unique Dragos. 5,986 Normal Dragos along with 14 Legendary Dragos.


We kept the count lower than the typical amounts seen in other projects because we would like to have a more tight knit community.

Royalties are to help continue our innovation updates. We are excited to bring Drago holders many “firsts” and really staple our mark in the marketplace. That’s enough “buzzwords” for now though, stay tuned for updates.


All Dragos are hand-drawn by our amazing team of artists.

The Legendaries the rarest Dragos NFTs. Holding one of them (by lucky mint or through the secondary market) opens the doors to special rewards and future access levels. They will also be considered VIP members of the community with their own dedicated chat. We will be releasing other legendary-specific utility in the coming months.


Because really…how many apes are there out already? Dragos and their holders are unique and stand out, they don’t copy what everyone is doing. Be yourself and be celebrated for it


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